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Z96 Flame retardant glue stick
  • Z96 Flame retardant glue stick

Z96 Flame retardant glue stick

Diameter: 7mm / 11mm Length: 30 cm length support customization Color: white Flame retardant glue stick
Detailed description

Technical Data Sheet


Model: Z96

Item name: Z96 white hot melt adhesive stick

Property: A low temperature and flame retardant Polyolefin hot melt adhesive in stick, excellent low temperature resistance and flame retardant properties, low odor.

Application: Mainly used for bonding of electronic appliances, automotive interior, etc.


Main composition

polyolefin resin ,viscosity resin ,wax ,antioxidant and etc




Milky white





Softening point


Service temperature


Opening time

4050 s



Storage condition

Ventilated dry cool place

ATTENTION:  1.The stick is solid matter, non-toxic, but should away from skin after being melted, to prevent burns;  2. With the change of melt temperature, environment temperature, spraying quantity, laminating time pressure and etc, open time and curing time will be changed.  3.Long time high temperature (over 200 ) could make the main polymer partially degraded which affect the cohesive force, also can oxidize the viscosity resin which affect product color.

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